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Search to Reverse an Injustice and for a Higher Minded Humane Court for Attorney Robert Dekelaita a True Assyrian Hero


By Abbey Mikha

I cannot believe the verdict that has been assigned to Assyrian American attorney Robert Dekelaita from Chicago! How can this be? How can someone who fought so hard to save so many people lives be found guilty of a crime? Is it a crime to save people in 2016 in America? Genocide is real and Islamic extremism (ISIS) against Christians and Assyrians of all denominations is a very scary reality! Do they not see what has been done to our children lying on the streets of the Nineveh plains in tattered garb with barely any food or water? Do they not comprehend what they have all conspired together and done to Assyrian families, women, girls, men, young boys, and the elderly! Go see our nation in occupied Assyria living in refugee camps and being treated on a subhuman level by the Iraqi and Kurdish governments. How evil must these people be to choose to be blind to all that is happening in Iraq and Syria to Assyrian Christians? And this is all occurring because we are a minority in the Middle East and the world and because we are helpless. Everyone knows that Obama would rather Islamic people enter the United States even though their intentions are unclear, rather than peaceful Assyrian Christians who are suffering so much at their hands and their Islamic extremism (ISIS) and Kurdish occupation.

Whenever genocide occurs continuously there are some individuals who have risked their own comfort in life to save the lives of their brethren. Robert’s courage must inspire us to defy those who want to keep Assyrians downcast, just like their fellow kinds in Iraq. Yes, Kurd, Arab, and even Turkish authorities and governments take joy and pride in the suffering of Assyrians and who have had a bloody hand in the Assyrian Genocide of yesterday and today. We must be aware. We cannot get too comfortable in the countries which we now live in. We need to speak out about injustice and not be blinded by the capitalism, materialism, greed of western countries, and the mafia against the Assyrian Christians in the homeland and in America. As was evident in Robert’s trial most American people cannot understand the Assyrian struggle. They do not sympathize with us and it is as though we are people from another planet!

Once upon a time when people helped others and saved their lives and gave them an opportunity for better lives they were called heroes even by Americans. For example we must remember that it was in Smyrna during the first Genocide of the century where a small-town minister from upstate New York became a humanitarian when he rescued and saved the lives of thousands of Christian women and children. His name was Asa Kent Jennings and he is worth remembering now at the centennial of the Armenian, Assyrian, and Pontic Greek genocide. He was a hero like Robert is a hero. His memory is also important now that the issue of Christian persecution has risen again in America, the Middle East and the world. Refugees are trying to escape into America, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Christian Assyrian persecution is not controversial. Assyrians are being killed! Assyrians are being raped! Assyrians are being intimidated! Our Assyrian homeland is being taken before our very eyes! Assyrians are being tortured and divided! If Assyrians could live as human beings in our own homeland we would. No one would ever want to leave our precious motherland to a foreign land if we weren’t being forced by evil forces!

The Assyrian people are on the verge of extinction and obviously this makes some people happy. We are being targeted in the Middle East and abroad. Robert Dekelaita was educated in the University of Chicago and graduated with a degree in International Relations. He is married and he is a family man with beautiful children. How can the court accept this decision? How can they sleep at night? There are so many murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and true criminals on the loose. Why have they targeted an innocent man? Why do they not use their time to sentence true criminals?

Obama the American president who is spreading all this boloney about how innocent Muslims are and how peaceful because he wets his bed when he thinks of the billions of Muslims which may turn against him many of which are Islamic extremists (ISIS). Obama sympathises with Muslims but he never has shed a tear for Assyrian children who are being raped and killed. Obama does not even blink an eye in regards to this issue, but when Donald Trump gets elected as president of the United States of America maybe things will change for Assyrian Christians because he has shown much more compassion towards the struggle of the Christians of the Middle East. He has directly said this in his speech about his foreign policy where he said, “We left Christians subject to intense persecution and even genocide.” Maybe Trump will awaken this sleeping country. Maybe then America will take another direction and not be so blinded by the media and the interest of the mafia.

On this kind of a week when hearing this court decision against Mr. Robert Dekelaita I am glad I do not live in America. America is not the land of the free. America has become the land where someone with a good heart who only wanted to help people of his nation is being allowed to be tormented. Everyone who was involved in Robert’s indictment should be ashamed. God be with Robert and his family in the upcoming days, months, and years. We will not be quiet! We will not let Roberts voice be diminished. God shall vindicate Robert and what he did for his people shall go down in history. He is a candle which burned itself for his nation. He definitely does not deserve what is happening to him. We need to search to reverse this injustice and for a higher minded humane court to save Robert a true Assyrian hero.

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